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RPG Consultants

RPG Consultants Recordkeeper and TPA.


RPG Consultants: Recordkeeper, TPA and 3(16) Partner.

RPG Consultants is a CEFEX-Certified Recordkeeper and Third Party Administrator (TPA) – only of only 14 firms nationwide with dual certification from CEFEX. This certification signifies their commitment to adhere to a standard of excellence and a dedication to recordkeeping and administration best practices. To maintain this certification, RPG undergoes a rigorous annual audit that examines all aspects of their business operations. Their CEFEX-ASPPA certification is yet another way they tangibly demonstrate that serving their clients’ best interests is their highest priority.

RPG offers full-service retirement planning with an emphasis on defined benefit, defined contribution and 401(k) programs, complex pension strategies (including select comparability designs), cash balance plans, non-qualified deferred compensation programs, cafeteria plans and plans covered by the Davis-Bacon Act. RPG Consultants handles the administration service requirements for all the above programs, including daily and quarterly valuation recordkeeping capabilities and cafeteria plan flexible spending accounts. They provide health care and benefit consulting by evaluating insurance coverages and plan designs to identify the most appropriate cost-effective coverage. They also perform company reviews of other benefit programs to determine if they are designed, operated and funded in the most cost-efficient manner and are in compliance with government regulations. Health Savings Plans are available.

RPG Consultants is a “non-producing” TPA (Third-Party Administrator) – they do not market or sell investments. They strictly provide value-added consulting, administration and recordkeeping for company benefit plans.

Their daily valuation recordkeeping system allows participants to make changes to their fund allocations, view balances, and see a variety of reports immediately. RPG was one of the first companies in the country to develop a recordkeeping system to allow for ETF investments to be included in their ‘open architecture’ recordkeeping internet-driven system.

RPG’s growth has been a direct result of their emphasis on quality, service, and performance, as they help clients successfully meet their short and long-term goals. Today, hundreds of clients depend on RPG for consulting, design and administration of their benefits programs. They are large enough to successfully handle the most elaborate planning situations, yet organized to bring their clients the benefits of a close relationship.

RPG Consultants offer plans a high degree of customization with plan design and investment selection. The ability to unitize investments makes most asset classes available, provided they meet ERISA standards. They also specialize in cash balance plans and a wide variety of other specialized solutions to add extra savings to your plans. This includes holding company stock if offered.

RPG Consultants offers 3(16) Fiduciary Services  As the 3(16) plan administrator, RPG will assume responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the plan and handle many of the tasks that burden plan sponsors. Some of these tasks include signing/submitting the 5500, mailing notices, maintaining the fidelity bond and verifying distribution requests. This is a great opportunity for plan sponsors to enjoy reduced administrative burden and reduced risk with the assurance of RPG’s fiduciary coverage.

RPG 3(16) Services


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