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July 02, 2019

Green America Webinar: Responsible Retirement Planning for Small Business

Responsible Retirement Planning for Small Business

If you’ve been meaning to set up a retirement plan for your employees or yourself, now is the time to do it in a way that reflects your business’ commitment to people and the planet.

Your investments CAN reflect your values. Join this webinar to learn how! Whether you are interested in avoiding investment in fossil fuels and weapons, or in seeking investment in companies that advance women’s leadership and community development, there are investment products and tools to help you invest with your values.

Our presenters will:

  • Explain how to get the answers you need to set up a green retirement plan;
  • Describe how many of the “greenest” mutual funds address social, environmental, and corporate governance issues;
  • Clarify the role that an investment advisor can play; and
  • Demonstrate how to know whether your investment choices match your values.

This webinar was recorded on Thursday, April 11th, 2019. Total video runtime is 52 minutes.

This webinar was hosted by:

Sylvia Panek
Financial Advisor @ Natural Investments, LLC
Sylvia Panek has spent fifteen years in the socially responsible investment field, serving in positions at Green America, US SIF – The Forum for Sustainable & Responsible Investment, and consulting for financial service firms. She is currently an investment advisor and Accredited Investment Fiduc… Learn more on Sylvia’s Website

Rob Thomas
President @ Social(k)
A stock picking god in the last century that saw the tech bust on March 13, 2000. From there I figured out retirement plans and created Social(k). We have been bringing Environmental, Social and Governance (i.e. ESG) screened investment options to retirement plans for more than a decade.

Fran Teplitz
Co-Executive Director, Social Investing, Policy @ Green America
Learn more on Green America

Andrew Behar
CEO @ As You Sow
Andrew Behar is CEO of As You Sow. Founded in 1992, As You Sow is the nation’s leading non-profit practitioner of shareholder advocacy and engagement. Shareholders are a strong, powerful force for creating positive, lasting change in corporate behavior. As You Sow uses that power, to change corpo… Learn more on As You Sow

Watch the webinar here:

You Can Invest With Your Values

Retirement plans for long-term growth with the benefit of creating a safe, just, and sustainable world.

Social(k) offers hundreds of investments using Environmental, Social, and Governance, (i.e. ESG screened investments) backed by a plethora of Financial research. Structured into traditional Mutual Funds, Social(k) helps you sleep at night knowing that you’re pursuing the brightest possible future for your retirement and our planet.

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