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December 28, 2018

Social(k) evolves, adds HSAs

We brought Environmental, Social and Governance screened investments to retirement plans in 2005. This was well before these funds were available to the average organization looking to offer a 401k or 403b.

Now we offer these same funds with institutional pricing for individuals. Health Savings Accounts are like an IRA but for medical expenses today. Pre-tax money in, tax-free growth in the account, tax-free distributions for qualified medical expenses. A triple tax-free deal seldom seen by investors.

Most HSA accounts are for holding cash only, to pay for qualifying medical expenses with pre-tax money. However, some HSA providers now offer limited investment opportunities as funds can build up over a lifetime, in a tax-free account.  

Social(k) Health Savings Accounts offer a spending HSA, with a debit card tied to the account, and a savings HSA offering low-cost access to a variety of ESG screened mutual funds and low-cost Vanguard Index funds.

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You Can Invest With Your Values

Retirement plans for long-term growth with the benefit of creating a safe, just, and sustainable world.

Social(k) offers hundreds of investments using Environmental, Social, and Governance, (i.e. ESG screened investments) backed by a plethora of Financial research. Structured into traditional Mutual Funds, Social(k) helps you sleep at night knowing that you’re pursuing the brightest possible future for your retirement and our planet.

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