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Is Your Money in Fossil Fuels?

Fossil Fuel Exposure FAQ

What kinds of companies are included in Fossil Fuel exposure measurement?

Exposure information reflects the sum of the weight of companies within the fund portfolio that are identified as being in the oil, gas, and coal industries, including exploration, drilling, refining, drilling services and equipment sub-industries.

Does this definition match “fossil fuel free” methodologies used by investors?

There are a number of different definitions of “fossil fuel free” used by different investors, fund managers, and advocacy organizations. Some use only carbon reserves as a proxy for involvement in the fossil fuel industry and only exclude companies with the largest carbon reserves.  Others look at the largest users like utilities. Others include service and equipment companies.  Finally, others use varying combinations of these groupings. ENSOGO Analytics flags companies on the production side of the equation and does not include large users. ENSOGO does include service and equipment companies that are sometimes used in portfolios to provide investment exposure without having carbon reserves. Therefore it’s possible that funds claiming to be “fossil fuel free” will in fact show some level of exposure in this analysis.

Where does ENSOGO Analytics get its information for this analysis process?

ENSOGO Analytics uses ESG (environmental, social, and governance) information provided by IW Financial and mutual fund and ETF holdings information provided by Value Line to generate the analysis provided in this tool.

Who is ENSOGO Analytics?

ENSOGO Analytics is the only firm exclusively dedicated to analyzing the environmental, social, and governance attributes of mutual funds and ETFs. ENSOGO provides subscription products to financial advisors.

Who is Manifest Insights?

Manifest Insights is a different type of management company, in that Manifest focuses on bringing the most powerful data visualizations paired with an easy to use interface.

Is there an easy way to track whether my current savings are invested in Fossil Fuels?

Absolutely.  Our friends at As You Sow offer a search tool which helps to find any fossil fuel investments hidden within your current retirement portfolio.  Check out their Fossil Free tool here.

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