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Welcome to the Section on our Partners

Retirement plans can be done in-house, but so can your taxes! Organizations rely on a myriad of service providers when offering a retirement plan to employees. The custodian holding the investments must be a Trust Bank. With all the money is in one account, for better pricing, a record keeper is used to track accounts and provide daily access to your holdings. A software provider, or in-house IT group, manages this online portal. A plan document is required, along with annual reporting. This is managed by a Third Party Administrator or TPA. A Fiduciary is usually in place to advise on or manage the investments and employee education. Finally, the organization itself has a person or committee responsible for the plan. If you are able, it helps to have a consultant to help guide you through the process of implementing a plan. Social(k) Partners are retirement plan specialists providing a range of services to organizations looking to incorporate Environmental Social or Governance screens into the company plan. Each partner is committed to our goal of a streamlined offering, fully incorporating ESG options with low costs. After trying a custom software approach to ERISA plan recordkeeping we firmly believe using the industry giant SunGard Relius is an advantage over companies devoting larger portions of capital budgets to continued improvements on their own.

We also offer fiduciary services and deep reporting on the impact of your investments with QBOX and HIP Impact Ratings. These services are optional and depending on your needs may be of interest to your plan managers and participants.

We utilize our partners to build a plan that fits your needs as a Plan Sponsor. Each Partner offers pricing discounts and/or service upgrades for Social(k) clients. For example, Turning Point offers a $500 discount on $1500 recordkeeper fee for our plans. Social(k) brings a new level of engagement by employees when it comes to company retirement plan benefits by matching investments with corporate and employee beliefs. Our products are tailored to each organization's corporate identity (mission, employee base, goals), reinstating your retirement plan as a benefit rather than a potential liability to your company. We also have worked hard to bring a low priced and full-service option to under 10 person start-up plans. Our Easy Plan with Turning Point Associates.

Further questions? Contact us for a custom plan design or proposal from Social(k) and our partners. 

Turning Point Associates - A privately-owned firm specialized in the administration and recordkeeping of defined contribution plans, such as pension, profit sharing, and 401(k) plans, for small to mid-size companies….a segment of the market that is often neglected. TPA offers each client an account representative who knows every aspect of your plan; meaning, you'll only have to make one call to get a response to any concerns or questions. In addition, TPA's knowledgeable staff stays current with all federal and local regulations governing benefits administration. Your representative acts as your benefits compliance officer, keeping you informed concerning changing laws and requirements.

Retirement Plan Consultants - Dimensional Fund provider with Advisor Advantage to support the plan advisor, and HR Solutions which help smaller organizations provide human resource services.

RPG Consultants - Offers full-service retirement planning with an emphasis on defined benefit, defined contribution and 401(k) programs, complex pension strategies (including select comparability designs), non-qualified deferred compensation programs, FSA Plans and plans covered by the Davis-Bacon Act.  With Folio Institutional as custodian, Social(k) offers Separate Account Manager portfolios and high level of service and customization, inclusive of separate performance reporting on a per-account basis.

Fiduciary Solutions - We offer multiple options for 3(21), 3(38) fiduciary services. ERISA compliant screening and monitoring of investment options with clear roles and responsibilities process. Utilizing an investment fiduciary allows advisors and business owners to simplify and streamline their investments and oversight. They consult with business owners and advisors to establish an investment lineup that best help participants meet their investment objectives. Socially Responsible Investments (SRI or ESG) are offered as options in all Social(k) 401(k) plans as long as certain requirements are met. As the Department of Labor does not permit one to make investment decisions based solely on social or SRI or ESG issues, the fiduciary's solutions are a documented process and training program so that fiduciary obligations are met.

We also offer 3(16) administrative fiduciary solutions. In this case, the fiduciary manages the plan in its entirety, including signing the 5500, answering audits, and paying any fines due. For under $2000 a year you can free HR of all duties, and responsibilities, related to the 401(k) plan. More here:

Directory of Financial advisors who are members of US Social Investment Forum, here

HIP Investor - Quantifiable measures of human impact that can drive higher shareholder value. "How HIP Is Your Portfolio?” For investors seeking a review — a "HIP CHECK" — of their portfolio’s performance on both Human Impact + Profit, HIP Investor provides a "HIP Scorecard" on a per-portfolio basis:

  • 3000 equities globally
  • venture capital and private equity
  • real estate
  • hedge funds
  • muni bonds and fixed income
  • fine art collections
  • cash parked at your bank

HIP Your Portfolio:  Across all asset classes, HIP Investor scores and sub-advised portfolios that seek specific impact, return, risk and liquidity. You can then track your HIP progress as your portfolio evolves over time. They recommend based on how your portfolio can become more HIP.

Social(k) and our new partners proudly introduce an entirely new standard of service and support to organizations looking to concentrate on their core mission. The company retirement plan can and should be a valuable benefit for employees and not a liability for employers.

Common issues to check on with your current plan.

  • Plan is outdated
  • Roth feature not implemented
  • No Default Investment Selection
  • Lack of established Investment Committee
  • Investment Policy Statement not created
  • No formal Employee Education Program
  • 404(c) election not used or followed
  • Fidelity Bond lack of coverage
  • Efficient plan design not utilized
  • No Fiduciary Services being provided
  • Consistently failed discrimination testing
  • No formal fund review
  • Lack of advisor involvement

Please note that Social(k), your service providers and your appointed investment advisory firm are separate and distinct covered service providers for your plan. We believe that separation of service and ultimate fee transparency empowers your retirement plan with the ability to understand your fees and monitor your service providers.