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Turning Point

Turning Point Record Keeper and TPA partner

Easy Plan

Easy Plan

Turning Point Associates, Inc. located in Swedesboro , NJ is a small privately-owned firm specializing in the administration and recordkeeping of defined contribution plans, such as pension, profit sharing, and 401(k) plans, for small to mid-size companies….a segment of the market that is often neglected by the larger firms and advisors.

Social(k) Easy Plan with fiduciary services oversight is available with Turning Point and QBOX Fiduciary Services. We partnered with a second generation family business to offer a very high level of personal contact with affordable pricing.

Social(k) Easy Plan: A plan designed and managed by two of our partners Turning Point and QBOX. We use QBOX to identify and monitor three tiers of investments. Tier 1, Index Funds offering the basic fund choices. Tier 2 is composed of Target Date Funds for one-stop investing. Tier 3 is a group of approved ESG screened funds. Average investment expense is 0.26%

This plan design allows small organizations who can not afford an advisor to use this product that includes a fiduciary to oversee the plan and make sure it is compliant. To reduce or eliminate testing requirements, a plan sponsor may consider adopting the Social(k) Safe Harbor 401(k) plan. If certain conditions are met, this type of plan does not require the Actual Deferral Percentage or ADP, and the Actual Contribution Percentage, or ACP, tests to be performed.

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You Can Invest With Your Values

Retirement plans for long-term growth with the benefit of creating a safe, just, and sustainable world.

Social(k) offers hundreds of investments using Environmental, Social, and Governance, (i.e. ESG screened investments) backed by a plethora of Financial research. Structured into traditional Mutual Funds, Social(k) helps you sleep at night knowing that you’re pursuing the brightest possible future for your retirement and our planet.

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