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Social(k) Plan Fees

Social(k) Structure & Pricing Grid

Ten years ago we partnered with ExpertPlan to deliver a unique 401(k) platform. We found a low-cost Record Keeper with thousands of traditional mutual funds using web-based administration to reduce costs for plan sponsors. To that Social(k) added over 200 Environmental, Social, and Governance, ESG, screened funds. After 10 years we have $150 million in assets, 300 plans, and over 7500 participants. We provide a welcome opportunity for employers to offer employees investment options aligned with their financial AND ethical beliefs.

In 2015 Social(k) moved away from a single record keeper and custodian. One offers ESG Portfolios and Fossil Free Model Allocations, monitor, and maintain. With this new custodian and our relationship with asset managers who manage ESG screened portfolios, we bring additional ESG portfolios to Social(k) clients.  

Social(k) now works with more than one Recordkeeper and TPA. 

Recordkeeping and plan administration is not a one size fits all solution. Plans under 10 people are much different than plans with over 50. Plans with over 100 have extra annual audits costing thousands. Employers now have the option to choose the Social(k) platform that works best. The grid below shows pricing by service and provider.

The Easy Plan was designed for small start-up plans. Lower fund expenses, higher contribution limits and the Roth option make this an easy choice over a SIMPLE.     Quarterly fees are $400 plus $12.50 pp. We provide ESG, Target Date and Indexes for the line-up, monitored by a 3(38) fiduciary, average expense ratio of the lineup is 26bps.

The Big Green Retirement Plan is an industry first.  The Big Green Retirement Plan or BGR, is uniquely bringing to market a full-fiduciary outsourced retirement plan for companies who align themselves with the importance of socially responsible investing or ESG.    

It is designed to provide 3(16), 402a, RK, TPA, Trustee, custody, 3(38), to organizations looking to add ESG screens to their plan in a highly cost-effective turn-key bundled solution.  Services can also be a-la-carte if desired, which further highlights the flexibility. Until now green companies have had limited options for outsourcing their fiduciary liabilities and reducing their internal admin workload, while still being able to support their ESG/SRI beliefs.  BGR Plan allows a company to stay true to its mission while getting a safer, simpler, cost-effective 401k/403b. Utilizing the full fiduciary coverage of a 3(16) and appointing a Trustee we take the plan off your hands, completely, for far less than you expect. Ask for a quote today.

IRAs and HSAs

SIMPLE IRAs, SEPs, and a variety of IRAs are available with an ESG advisor. These individual accounts do not need a recordkeeper or TPA. We also offer the first Health Savings Account with 60+ ESG and Index options with lower institutional pricing and no minimum investment.

Cost Structure

Pricing is generally customized based on plan assets and the number of participants. For example, as assets increase the overall percentage of fees tends to decrease. Conversely, if the number of participants in a plan was high but assets low, the administration costs would be higher.

For a proposal from any of the record, keepers send an email to with details. Record keeper name. Plan Sponsor name. A number of participants or employees. List of funds with assets, if possible, to show fund revenue against plan costs. Finally any advisor fees.


Sample Social(k) cost structures July Services Retirement Plan Consultants RPG Consultants
Recordkeeper Fee $2000 and $90 per participant

($400 and $6pp is discounted from above pricing for July – Social(k) plans.)

)ne time set-up fee $350

0.07% expanded 3(38)


0-$250,000 45bps+$39 pp
$250-$750 40bps+$39pp
$750K -$1mil 35bps+$39 pp
$1mil -$2mil 30bps+$29 pp
$2mil – $5mil 25bps+$29 pp
$5mil – $10mil 20bps+$29 pp3-5bps discount for Social(k) plans
$0-$500k 65bps ($1250 minimum)$500-$1mil 50bps$1 – $3mil 42bps$3 -$5mil 34bps$5 -$10mil 26bps
custom over $10mil
TPA Services Included, as well as full payroll integration and 3(16) services! $1050 [RPC fee is $1250 if you go direct.] $1000 + $35 pp
Plan Document & PPA Restatement Fee One Time $500 Waived for plans with 250K+ in plan assets $1500. 50% discount available. Applied to early termination. Gone after 4 yrs. If no PPA needed and doc in good order, no set-up fee.
Custodian Trust Bank Pricing  6bps included in fees 15 bps
Social(k) $250 +$10pp

Social(k) discount included in pricing above

$250 +$10pp [Offset with $300 discount] $250 +$10pp
LeafHouse or Expand 3(38) Annual Fee $500: Plan Assets -Startup to $1,000,000
5bps fee after plans reach $1mil


pp is per participant with balance

bps stands for Basis Points. 100bps = 1%

All fees quoted annually

Each provider has others fees as needed, disclosed on a proposal. Examples of other fees; are loans, distributions, and plan amendments.

Funds are institution shares with no revenue sharing.

You Can Invest With Your Values

Retirement plans for long-term growth with the benefit of creating a safe, just, and sustainable world.

Social(k) offers hundreds of investments using Environmental, Social, and Governance, (i.e. ESG screened investments) backed by a plethora of Financial research. Structured into traditional Mutual Funds, Social(k) helps you sleep at night knowing that you’re pursuing the brightest possible future for your retirement and our planet.

Learn more about our Big Green Retirement Plan