Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

2021 Annual Retirement Plan Contribution Limits Announced

The IRS has announced the 2021 limitations for retirement plans and related programs.

Plan Limits20212020
401(k) Elective Deferral Limit$19,500$19,500
Catch-Up Contribution Limit$6,500$6,500
Annual Defined Contribution Limit$58,000$57,000
Annual Compensation Limit$290,000$285,000
Annual Defined Benefit Limit$230,000$230,000
Highly Compensated Employee Dollar Limit$130,000$130,000
Key Employee Dollar Limit$185,000$185,000

Related Limits20212020
403(b)/457 Elective Deferral Limit$19,500$19,500
SIMPLE Employee Deferral Limit$13,500$13,500
SIMPLE Catch-Up Deferral Limit$3,000$3,000
SEP Minimum Compensation Limit$650$600
SEP Annual Compensation Limit$290,000$285,000
Social Security Taxable Wage Base$142,800$137,700
Self-only HSA Contribution Limit$3,600$3,550
Family HSA Contribution Limit$7,200$7,100
HSA Catch-Up Contribution Limit$1,000$1,000
IRA Contribution Limit$6,000$6,000
IRA Catch-Up Contribution Limit$1,000$1,000